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Research On E-government One-stop Service Based On Service Chain

Posted on:2015-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422469249Subject:Political Theory
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With gradually deepening of economic globalization, as well as the advancementof the socialist market economic system reform of the construction of politicalcivilization has more and more high, therefore, research based on service chain ofone-stop service of electronic government is inevitable, it is also a necessary stage ofsocial development in our country. Therefore, it is necessary for us to the traditionalradical reform of government management system, and in the development of nationaleconomy in our country, if take one-stop services, in the form of electronic government,whether now or in the future, the our country’s political, economic, and social life andso on will have a significant impact. At present, the transformation of governmentfunction and the propulsion of e-government affairs, some online office platform, suchas "administrative service center" and "one-stop" had been set up in the nationalgovernment institutions. Although at this stage, in all its online office platformconstruction of government agencies and size are not the same, and in the process ofconstruction and promote all sorts of problems still exist, the causes of these problems,however, largely because of the political system reform is not thorough andmanagement function is not clear, and, in the government administrative efficiencyimprovement in electronic government construction have different results..In this article covers five parts. In the first part, the article lists the introduction,narrates the background, simply introduces the research status at home and abroad andthen is given in this paper the research contents and train of thought. The second part,the analysis of the one-stop service system, including its connotation, motivations andcharacteristics, and has made the detailed analysis on electronic government servicechain, on this basis, the electronic government "one-stop" work style service and thenecessity of service chain based one-stop service mode. The third part, analyze aboutthe problems existing in the electronic government one-stop services as well as to thecauses of the problem. The fourth part, with the guangzhou government affairs websiteas an example, analyzes its one-stop service framework based on service chain andbuild strategy. The fifth part, on the basis of the above, how to construct electronicgovernment one-stop service based on service chain targeted strategies are put forward.This paper combines the study of politics, administration and new publicmanagement theory, on the basis of absorbed through literature analysis theory andrelated research results, to our country the development of electronic governmentone-stop service as well as build are analyzed, in order to push related departments inthe electronic government construction, and can be combined with the idea of servicechain, so as to optimize the administrative process and efficiency of the government,thus to achieve the goal of the service-oriented government application of contribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-Government, One-Stop, Service Chain
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