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Discussion On Legal Protection Of Credit Consumer Rights And Interests In Our Domestic Consumption Credit

Posted on:2015-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422469596Subject:Economic Law
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In recent years, with the constant improvement of the socialist market economy, theconsumption concept of the consumers has changed, and the ways of credit consumption havecome into being. The financing institutions have started to develop the consumption creditbusiness. The sound development of the consumption credit can enlarge the domesticconsumption demands of a country, simulate the consumption growth, and optimize themarket supply and demand structure. However, as the legal dispute relating to theconsumption credit business has occurred frequently in recent years, the protection problemof the credit consumers has already affected the development of the consumption creditbusiness to some degree. With the development of the economy and the popularity of “3.15”propaganda, the consumer protection consciousness and protection ability have beenstrengthened day by day. At the same time of attaching great importance to the commonconsumer protection, we should also lay more emphasis on the rights protection of “creditconsumers” under the circumstance that the consumers’ consumption concept changes greatly.This paper is divided into5parts. It studies how to improve our current legal system toprotect the credit consumer rights and interests. This first part defines two concepts of thispaper: consumption credit and credit consumer. Put forward the credit consumer protectionproblem in the consumption credit, and clarify the function of the consumption credit andnecessity of the credit consumer protection. Meanwhile, introduces several relatively weakrights of our current domestic credit consumer protection work, i.e. the rights to information,personal privacy right, defense right, and revocation right. The second part is to summarizethe feasible foreign experience to improve our domestic legal right and interest protection ofour domestic credit consumer through the comparison and analysis on the status related to thecredit consumer protection of some developed countries and regions, such as America, British,France, Australia, etc. The third part is to analyze the reality of our domestic credit consumerprotection, introduce the current status and existing problems of the legal protection of ourdomestic credit consumers, and analyze the cause and root of the existing problems from the legislation, supervision and self-regulation. It lays emphasis on introducing the deficiency ofthe legislation, and disadvantages of the supervision system and self-regulation system.The fourth part puts forward two auxiliary means for improving the legal protectionsystem of our domestic credit consumer rights and interests, namely, the construction andimprovement of the self-protection institution for the credit consumers and self-regulationassociation for the financing institutions. The fifth part puts forward main means forimproving the legal protection system of our domestic credit consumer rights and interests, consumer protection legislation. Besides, put forward related suggestions on thelegislation principle and content of the rights to information, personal privacy right, defenseright, and revocation right mentioned in the previous text. This paper studies the specificdetails of the above five aspects and how to improve our current legal system to protect thecredit consumer rights and interests.
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