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Analysis Of Wang Shujin’s Case Of Criminal Procedure Law

Posted on:2015-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The case of Wang Shujin has attracted wide attention; for it is involved with anothercase heard and concluded in1995, that is, the rape and murder case that happened in the westsuburb of Shi jiazhuang city. This paper focuses on the analysis of the case of Wang shujin inthe form of report, then conducts a legal analysis of criminal proceedings, Wang Shujininvolved in the case. The role and status of the oral confession as the perfection of ourcountry law is changing. Oral confession alone, can not applied to arrive a conclusion of acase. Oral confession together with other evidences can prove the whole, real case. Therefore,in the present case is not only based on Wang Shu Jin’s confession. Our criminal standard ofproof is "clear facts of the case, ample evidence." Although the standard of proof there arestill some deficiencies, we also need to continue improving. In judicial practice, however westill need to comply. The trial of Wang Shujin’s case and the final judgment conclusion isconsistent with our legal required standard of proof in criminal proceedings, but also tofollow the principles of the Conflict. Our law specifies the prosecution and defense of bothfunctions, the functions of the prosecutor is required to pursue the criminal responsibility ofdefendant, and the functions of the defense is to prove that the defendant is guilty, lightoffence. However, in the trial of Wang Shujin’s case, the prosecution and the defense’sposition upside down, it is time to prove the innocence of defendant has been counsel in thecase is strongly identified as the defendant, and the prosecutor in the case was denied WangShujin should do. the account of Wang Shujin’s "western suburbs of Shijiazhuang rapemurder" is not what they do, but in the course of criminal proceedings in the judiciary, thereare some problems in the program needs to be improved so that the public can really trulyfeel our justice and fairness justice.
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