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Research Motivation Mechanism In The Public Sector Human Resource Management

Posted on:2015-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422470955Subject:Administrative Management
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Although the public sector has contributed to Chinese reform and development,and atthe same time,there are a series of problems on less efficient and poor attitude.With thereform of the administrative system,our persnonel system has changed into humanresource management in the public sector.Emphasis on the motivation mechanism hasbecome the new trends of human resource management.Because of the study of themotivation mechanism in the public sector human resource management is stillunderdeveloped,this can be said to be a new research project,and the study of themotivation mechanism of public sector human resource management has importanttheoretical and practical significance.Expectation of the people of our country is toestablish an effective incentive,and to pursuit the public interest in public sector humanresources management.First,the research related to the concept of the motivation,the relevant theories,andthe theoretical basis are introduced.Second,there are a series of problems in motivationmechanism of public sector human resource management.They are pay structureunreasonable,lack of competition for promotion,performance evaluation unscientific andso on.Third,the causes of human resource management motivation in the public sector areanalyzed from three aspects.Finally,giving some suggestions on how to perfect themotivation mechanism of public sector human resource management.Make someconstructive suggestions in selection and appointment,performance and appraisal,scientifictraining,ect.The literature research is mainly used as the research methods,investigating andstudying the interrelated literature and paper to perfect paper.And using comparativeanalysis to compare the experience of the staff in Western countries in public sectormotivation mechanism,analysising the human resource management motivationmechanism in the company applied to the public sector.In addition,integrating theory withpractice,with exemplification,pointing out wage legislation is imperfect,while the Westerncountries should issue many legal provisions to regulate the wage.And the others also take some examples to expound.
Keywords/Search Tags:motivation mechanism, public sector, human resource management
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