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Research On The Formation And Influence Mechanism Of Chengguan’s Image

Posted on:2015-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422477151Subject:Public Relations
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In recent years, the Chengguan’s image has low status, besides the public awareness of the various elements is uneven, furthermore there exists negative stereotypes of cognition on Chengguan.But the public tends to attach negative characteristics to Chengguan when cognizing it no matter what effort is made.Taking”the image of Chengguan” alone as a research object, this paper has an investigation into Chengguan’s current image features,then focusing on the question of " why Chengguan’s image became like this?", through the grounded theory analysis method, this thesis makes an exploratory study on the formation and influence mechanism of Chengguan’s Image, through the analysis of survey data of3cases and relevant interviews using the grounded theory, this paper constructs theoretical frameworks of " Formation Mechanism of Chengguan’s Image " and " Influence Mechanism of Chengguan’s Image ", research results show that the "social field","media field" and "psychological field "are three causes,affecting " Cognition Set of Chengguan’s image ","mood" and "critical behavior tendency",which is called “Influence Mechanism of Chengguan’s Image”."Social field" is the root of all kinds of phenomenon;"Media field" display as a platform, rooted in the event precipitation of social field, but also influenced by public psychology field; While "Psychological field" plays a major role in the public cognition and emotion of polarization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chengguan’s Image, Cognition Set, Grounded Theory, InfluenceMechanism
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