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The Study Of Administrative License System Of Civil Aircraft In China

Posted on:2015-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422480895Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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Development of civil aircraft of the national is strategic requirements and reflects the will of thestate. Government involvement is essential,and study of administrative licensing civil aircraft has adecisive role. Therefore,the study has a very important practical significance and practical value.Civil aircraft is one of a kind of civil aircraft. Civilian aircraft administrative licensing refers tothe behavior that according to the relative’s application and the law, state administration give therights of eligibility which engaged in civil aircraft design, production, maintenance, nationalityregistration and right registration. China’s administrative licensing civil aircraft, is accompanied bythe development of civil aircraft and development.Now,we have formed the basis of the Civil AviationAct and the Administrative Licensing Law, more administrative regulations and rules for thecoexistence of a complete legal system.And administrative licensing body civil aircraft, content,implementation, procedures, etc. have done a more detailed regulations.However, The United Statesand other Western countries civil aircraft industry started earlier,and have formed relatively completelegal system of civil aircraft.Compared with the United States as the representative of developedcountries, China’s administrative licensing system of civil aircraft are still many problems to be solved.Therefore, we can improve our administrative licensing system of civil aircraft through the analysis ofUnited States existing administrative licensing system of civil aircraft.The main intention of this paper is to analyse the administrative licensing system of civil aircraftfrom the perspective of the law. The first chapter discusses the basic theory of administrative licensingsystem for civil aircraft,And it is intended to provide a theoretical basis for the analysis of issuesrelated to civil aircraft and countermeasures administrative licensing system. The second chapterfocuses on the development process of China’s administrative licensing system for civil aircraft, andto analyze the current situation. The third chapter is Comparative study,it discusses the administrativelicensing system developed civil aircraft in the United States as the representative, and providesreference for the reform of civil aircraft of the administrative licensing system. The fourth chapter ismainly research results of the administrative licensing system for civil aircraft problems and causesthrough the previous analysis.Nowdays, China’s administrative licensing system problems in civilaircraft is mainly in the implementation of the main shortcomings of administrative licensing, theproblems of administrative law norms, defective on specific matters of administrative licensing,Inadequate administrative licensing procedures,and so on. The fifth chapter study on the improvement of the administrative licensing system for civilian aircraft.It put forward a sound civil aircraftinnovative suggestions in view of the actual situation of China’s administrative licensing system.Mainly from the specification of the implementation of administrative licensing body commercialaircraft, civil aircraft properly define the scope of the administrative licensing matters,civil aircraftsound administrative licensing procedures, strengthen supervision of civil aircraft and other aspectsof administrative licensing perfect.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil aircraft, administrative license, legal environment, legal norms
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