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Perfection On The Summary Criminal Procedure

Posted on:2015-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Z WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422484917Subject:Procedural Law
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The tendency of criminal justice reformation is to increase efficiency and protecthuman right in the world at present,summary criminal procedure’s purpose is toreconcile strong contradiction between justice and efficiency.summary criminalprocedure was established in1996, a lot of scholars debated,debating it for long time.Summary criminal procedure is an important style of criminal procedures, itsmajor value is, firstly, animating the criminal procedures system. At the same time,itoffers different judicial procedure to various case.secondly, the procedure remit theproblem that we can not deal with heavily burden of cases.lastly, it can mitigate thedefendant’s load of litigation. Push litigation subjects to take part in the judicialprocedure. Our nation amend forcefully Summary criminal procedure in2012,it makesgreatly progress in the amendment.but there are also problems about the Summarycriminal procedure which are worth exploring at present.This thesis is composed of four sections.Emphasis of the research in the thesis is tofind more perfection ways for the procedure.Section one,account for concept and legitimacy of Summary criminal procedure. Ithink that the procedure not only contains substantive justice and procedural justice butalso promote the litigation efficiency.Section two, I give brief introduction ofSummary criminal procedure on America, Italy, German.At the end I summarize theirscharacteristics.Section three, write brief introduction about our nation summarycriminal procedure’history,then dig out the insufficient of new amending of Summarycriminal procedure. Section four,on the base of the analysis, I think our nation shouldestablish pluralism of Summary criminal procedure and reallocate the power of judicialbranch,protect the defendant’human right so that we can reach the destination.
Keywords/Search Tags:new criminal procedure, Summary criminal procedure, efficiency andjustice, current legal situation, pluralism
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