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Research On The Innovation Path Of Chinese Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2015-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422485721Subject:Public administration
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In this paper, research status of government construction and innovation of our service,starting from the current situation of China’s social development, focusing on the harmoniousdevelopment of economy, society, focusing on livelihood issues, focusing on the nationaladministrative reform, in order to promote the government administration for the people,building a service-oriented government provides valuable reference, so this paper the studyhas important significance. To strengthen the social stability, is conducive to the consolidationof the ruling status of the party, to optimize the government administrative function, isconducive to building a harmonious society, to improve public trust in government.Through data collection, data collection of this theory, collect relevant theories ofscholars at home and abroad were collected by CNKI database; the basic theory of Library inthe construction of service-oriented government in China; through the literature analysismethod to analyze the policy of building the service government, through theoretical analysisof status of service type government the construction of the comprehensive analysis,summarized the achievements already made, and there are still issues; through the method ofcombining theory with practice, formulate measures to strengthen practical, according to thecurrent situation, building a service-oriented government in China’s existing problems withChina’s current situation, formulate measures to strengthen the construction of service typegovernment’s practical.Based on the theory of building a service-oriented government in China, on ourservice-oriented government is re defined, summed up China’s service-oriented governmentaimed at serving the people, the organization streamlining, flat management as themanagement objectives of the reform, to fair and equitable, open to the construction goal, toenrich the citizen political participation channels for the characteristics of practical means etc..And the basic theory about the construction of service-oriented government in China weresummarized, including the new public management theory, the people’s democratic theory,theory of public services. Through data collection and case analysis, summarizes the presentsituation of the construction of China’s service-oriented government, government institutions reform, decentralization of speeding up the implementation of the administrative examinationand approval center, more systematic, the initial construction of electronic governmenteffectiveness. By logical analysis and policy analysis method, summarizes the existing in theconstruction of China’s service-oriented government in question, including the transformationof government functions is not in place, lack of window type unit staff service attitude ofindifference, the public service of product category, service innovation. Through the analysisof policy analysis and feasibility, proposed the innovation measures and construction strategyof building a service-oriented government in China, innovation path including tamp legalbasis, strengthening the service concept, innovation evaluation system, guide the socialsupervision. Construction strategy including the socialization service strategy, the strategy ofcivil servant accountability, masses satisfaction strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:service type government, institutional reform, path, satisfaction
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