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Legal Issues Of Circular Economy Development Of China

Posted on:2015-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422488914Subject:Economic Law
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At present, China’s economic construction is booming, but it is undeniable that thedevelopment of China’s economy and society are under the dual pressures of resourcesand the environment."High emission" Environmental problems caused tremendouseconomic pressure, it is one of the people to make life miserable; waste of resources"high consumption" caused a serious constraint to sustained economic growth andthreaten the economic security of the country. Examine the issues of resources andenvironment are currently experiencing, we need not only the transformation ofdevelopment mode, from the previous extensive to intensive development, andconstantly adjust the industrial structure, promote the optimization and upgrading ofindustrial structure continues, more importantly, we want the Environmental Protectionresource conservation referred to a strategic level up, the concept of environmentalprotection throughout the production, circulation and consumption of all aspects ofconstantly saving resources and improving efficiency of resource use, to preventfurther deterioration of the ecological environment. And this is in such a context, thecircular economy came into being. Along the track development of circular economy isto achieve economic development and environmental win-win strategic decisions.Circular economy law to provide effective legal regulations and guidelines for thedevelopment of circular economy is a prerequisite to the development of circulareconomy. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the status quo of China’s circulareconomy legal system and basic flaw, the more successful experience of foreign legalsystems of circular economy, we want to improve the legal system of circular economyto make a contribution.The first part of this paper is the historical background of the circular economyand introduce connotation based on the analysis put forward the necessity of thedevelopment of circular economy lies;The second part of the article describes the process of China’s circular economy legislation, the status of development of China’s Circular Economy Law is analyzed,pointing out the existing problems in China’s circular economy law summarized theachievements of the legal basis for the construction of circular economy has made on;The third part of the paper is to be introduced through legislation and practicalexperience of the developed countries in terms of circular economy were cited legalconstruction of circular economy, Germany, Japan, the United States, the EU and othercountries or regions as well as the development experience for China’s circulareconomy provide reference basis for development;The fourth part of the paper presents the relevant legal mechanisms to ensure theeffective operation of the recycling economy, puts forward the legislation on recyclingeconomy, law enforcement, judicial, law-abiding and legal supervision mechanism ofcircular economy continue to improve specific practices and measures with a view ofconstantly improve the legal foundation of our economy over the cycle to betterpromote the continuous development of China’s circular economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Circular Economy, Circular Economy Law, Legislative history, Institutional Analysis, Legal protection mechanism of circulareconomy
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