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The Research Of Pure Economic Loss On Product Liability In China

Posted on:2014-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422968724Subject:Economic Law
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“Whether Pure economic loss should be relieved,and where the range of reliefshould be”as the legal research has been hailed as the "Gordian knot is difficult." TheDefinition of Relief boundaries related the whole balance of interests of social groups,fairness and justice, which is precisely the law of value. We can not allow that thedamage of Victims did not get reasonable relief,even though the law has a certain lag.Therefore, the system should be designed to protect many victims’ unfair treatment,while this protection to restrictions and limitations. Pure economic loss of theimportant approach is to typed, combined with the specific circumstances of the case,the legal system designed to make targeted, for purely economic losses can becompensated for relief. Because of product liability in pure economic loss studiesinvolving consumer protection issues, has got attention of the theory and theinternational community,It is called the one of Three hot and difficult in the Issues onProduct Liability Law with punitive damages, compensation for moraldamage.Firstly,The author introduces the basic content of pure economic loss theory,clarify its nature and characteristics, and then study will focus on the areas of productliability. And clarifies that the loss of the product itself is pure economic loss onproduct liability, And introduces the Situation of the compensation in foreigncountries.Secondly, The author claims that some of the loss of the product itselfshould be compensabled combined with China’s national conditions, gives theexplanation and legal remedies. Finally, from a macro perspective, in order to protectthe pure economic loss on product liability,the legal system should be clear andinsurance systems shoud be designed to build the product liability losses fillingsystem.It will improve product safety and social security levels, and promote socialeconomy forward development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Pure Economic Loss, Product Liability, The loss of the productitself, The losses filling system
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