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Study On The Construction Of Township Government Service

Posted on:2015-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422969334Subject:Public Management
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Township government as the most grass-roots level of government,deal with the peopledirectly, serve the masses of the people directly, is the key to the rural stability anddevelopment of various social undertakings. Township government must shift from theoriginal control type government to a service-oriented government gradually, pay moreattention to social management and public services, to better service the masses of the people,so as to realize comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of the rural society.Take the Hebei province Hengshui Shenzhou Wang Jiajing town government as a case study,and the main practices and achievements of the construction of service-oriented townshipgovernment have introduced, and analyze some difficulties and problems encountered increating service-oriented township government, such as the asymmetry of power andresponsibility, agencies are not scientific, financial difficulties and so on. The following, fromthe idea, the property rights and the governance do not correspond, the assessment guide isnot reasonable, analysis of the issues of existing in the construction of service-orientedtownship government. On the basis of, from the case to the general, in view of our countryhow to build service-oriented township government, puts forward some countermeasures andsuggestions, such as: establish public service government concept, strengthen the function,clear responsibility and authority, reform the township administrative system, reform thetownship financial management system, perfect the evaluation mechanism of townshipgovernment, strengthen the construction of township civil servants.
Keywords/Search Tags:service-oriented government, township government structural reform, assessment mechanism
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