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Optimization Of Performance Appraisal In Heyuan City Public Security Organs

Posted on:2015-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330422982916Subject:Public administration
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Staff performance evaluation is an important part of human resource management, is ofgreat significance for optimizing the allocation of human resources and improve workefficiency. However, in actual operation, the performance evaluation of civil servants is notto be classified according to the appraisal objects, the assessment means comparatively to bemonotone, assessment methods is extensive,and not match with the actual work.For a long time, the police contingent exist in varying degrees of some problems that todo more or less, to do good or bad, leading to difficulties in team management, work andinnovation, advance far enough. Since2009, according to the GuangdongProvincial PublicSecurity Departmentofthe unified deployment, launched aprovince-wide police performanceappraisal"enforcement network test" work, with "enforcementnetworktest" the systemas atool, for the policein different positions work to refinethe content, assessment scores, entrysystem, sequential ranking, will assess the results ofthe "three hook" to motivate polic workpotential and motivation.This article from the five chapters: the firs tchapter is the introduction, introduces theresearch background, research status, significance and research methods; The second chapteris the theoretical basisof performance appraisal, understanding and definition of performanceappraisal system composition and method; The third chapter is the example of HeyuanPublic Security Bureau, analyze the statuso f performance appraisal, palm "work of lawenforcement network test" overview, the architecture of Guangdong ProvincePublic SecurityOrgans performance appraisal systems, assessment processes; The fourth chapter is aproblem with thepoliceon theperformance appraisal system for interviews, analysis of thedatacollection and processing platform Heyuan city police performance appraisal problemsand causes, Public security organsin Guangdong Province in the performance appraisalsystem to promote the application of computer systems, assessment programs build issues,application of assessment results, Analysis of their quality, the actual work of the executiveaspects ofpersonnel management system of the limitations of the police; The fifth chapter isproposed to promote the application of computer systems, assessment programto build, thepersonnel system reform measures for the effective use of performance assessment toolprovides recommendations for the public sector HR services in the performance appraisalwork.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public security department, Performance appraisal, ProblemAnalysis, Countermeasure
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