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Study On Plea Bargaining In China

Posted on:2014-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Plea Bargaining produced in the United States in the19th century,at the time ofthe social context,the crime rate remains high. Limited judicial resources in the faceof a large backlog of criminal cases seem "powerless." Prosecutors in some big citiespredicament began agreements and transactions handled criminal cases,prosecutorsalleged in order to reduce or lower the sentencing recommendation as a condition forthe defendant’s “plea”. This approach greatly reduces handling time and improvework efficiency,rapid promotion in the country. As China’s reform and opening upand economic development further,people’s attitudes and social environment hasundergone enormous changes,contradictions highlight sharp major,difficult andcomplicated cases of increased crime,a serious shortage of judicial resources,increasing pressure on the judiciary handling,proceedings of efficiency makes thecredibility of the judiciary have been seriously questioned. The plea bargainingsystem with the efficiency and value of freedom and equality,it is advantageous toimprove judicial efficiency,and ensure the party’s procedural rights,just to ease ourcurrent dilemma faced by the judiciary. And there are also the introduction of pleabargaining system of theoretical and practical foundation.The thesis has three parts: The first part, describes the comprehensivebackground of writing and the use of the materials. The second part is divided intothree chapters: the first chapter introduce the origin and development of pleabargaining; the second chapter introduce the necessity and feasibility of introductionof plea bargaining system in China; the last chapter introduce the construction ofChinese plea bargaining system. The third part is the conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Plea Bargaining, necessity, feasibility, System Design
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