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The Research Of Public Participation In The Local Government Performance Assessment

Posted on:2015-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Public participation in the local government performance assessment is an original public management which arises with the further development of political democratization and the constant employment of local government performance assessment. Through public participation in the local performance assessment, those, including individuals or groups, unofficial organization and business and public service units, who receive government service or are influenced by its public policies, can have access to the progress of every step of the government performance legitimately and effectively so as to make evaluations on the local government performance and to help it have a sustained improvement.In recent years, the whole country has carried out various kinds of activities that the public participate in local governments’ performance evaluation. The "Appraising Government Activity" hold by Nanjing is a kind of performance evaluation model that dominated by the public and let them take part in assessing the government departments. It has subverted the traditional internal evaluation model which has brought great changes to Nanjing. And to a certain extent, it has improved the behavior patterns of officials. Stimulated by the activity, government officials have to start thinking about the opinions and demands of the masses and improving the government style; through different ways. The traditional phenomenon that is difficult to ask the government for help has decreased. And the convenience measures such as "one package service" have increased. The masses’ no satisfaction rate to the party and government institutions has plunged from12%to1.2%. The "Appraising government activity" has been elected as one of the "ten outstanding achievements and significant events" that affected Nanjing’s economic and social development in2012. But it shouldn’t be ignored that every link of the activity has some problems, which mainly include the grassroots’ low weight in appraising body, the short cycle of the masses’participation, the simpleness of the indicator system, the singleness of the way to participate in the evaluation for the public which is short of flexibility and diversity, and the poor openness and responsiveness to the results of performance evaluation. By comparing the "Apprasing Government Activity" with other local public’s participation in government performance evaluation in our country, we can conclude the same and different problems which exist in public’s participation in the government performance evaluation. They are the absence of public spirit, the low social and economic status and the low degree of education of citizens, the imperfect democracy, and the difficulty to quantize government service, the popular phenomenon of the government’s rule over the grassroots in local areas and so on.The CIPA Project carried out by Ichina, America is a good try which is dominated by the public and let the public fully take part in the government performance evaluation. There are lots of experience and achievements which are helpful to explore the way to participate in the government performance evaluation for Chinese people.In order to build up a more scientific and perfect government performance evaluation system, we should base it not only on learning from some foreign advanced theories but also integrating local governments’performance evaluation practice comprehensively to solve the deep-rooted problems of public participation in the process and develop a transparent, standardized and scientific government performance evaluation from four concepts which are the public, the government, the system construction and the technical support.
Keywords/Search Tags:local government performance assessment, public participation, existingproblems, prefect countermeasures
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