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On The Service-oriented Government’s Construction In China From The Sight Of Karl Marx’s、Civic Society Theory

Posted on:2015-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431487485Subject:Marxist philosophy
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"Civil society" is a historical category, in the western development it is a processfrom tradition to modern, and in every historical period has different characteristics. Atthe end of the20th century in the western world, the revival of the theory of "civilsociety" and "government reengineering" movement occur almost at the same time, andit is no accident. It means that we have to recognition and judgement the socialfoundation of modern government, that is to say, we have to reposition the role ofgovernment in modern social life from the vision of society and market.From the practice of China’s reform and opening up, whether from outside thetrend of globalization or from inside own development, how to reposition the role ofgovernment is in the time of history. In recent years, the country began to carry out thepractice of the "service-oriented government"across the country, but in china we shoulduse the Marx’s civil society theory to guide the construction of the service-orientedgovernment, attach great importance to the government reform, build the balanceddevelopment between state,market and civil society, realize harmonious development ofthe society.At first, this paper attempts to clarify the concept of civil society, combing thedevelopment and evolution of the theory of civil society in the west,emphasizes theimportance of Marx’s civil society theory.The new public management movement putsforward the concept und basic points of service-oriented government.Then Wetransform the context from the west to China,will realize the necessity and thepossibility of service-oriented government construction in China.Under the guidance ofMarx’s civil society theory, this paper puts forward reasonable suggestions for the routechoice of the service-oriented government construction,hopes that these discussions canprovide theoretical reference for the practice of service-oriented governmentconstruction in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Society, Service-Oriented Government, Route Choice
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