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Research Of The Current Situation Of Social Governance In Villages And Towns And The Corresponding Countermeasures

Posted on:2015-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431487500Subject:Public Management
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The third plenary meeting of the18th session of the central committee of thecommunist party of China proposed that "effective governance is the inherent requirementof giving full play to the advantages of the socialist market economy" on November9to12,2013. With the advent of the era of globalization, big data, social governance becomethe inevitable choice of modern social management, and promoting the modernization ofnational management system and management ability become comprehensively deepenthe overall goal of the reform in our country. social governance in villages and towns notonly the stability and development of villages and towns, will also affect the wholeprocess for the construction of a harmonious society. social governance in villages andtowns as an important component of China’s national social governance, villages andtowns level of social governance in our country has a close relationship with the overallgovernance capacity could ascend, which is extremely important.This paper mainly studies in grassroots township related questions of socialgovernance, therefore, this article of social governance refers to multiple subject socialgovernance at the villages and towns level, including rural villagers’ committee, thetownship enterprises, institutions, government agencies and social organizations, withinthe scope of the public power, using the particular social authority, and to maintain thevillages and towns social basic order, meet the basic needs of grassroots social public,enhance the public interests, and promote the society as a whole the purpose of publicinterests the behavior of the process. social governance in villages and towns systemically,coordination, basic service, such characteristics as objectivity, strengthen villages andtowns social management must adhere to in order to maintain the fundamental interests ofthe masses of the people at the villages and towns level as the guidance, social governancein villages and towns in plural, social governance in villages and towns principles thepositive interaction of multiple subjects. Strengthen villages and towns social management,is to facilitate the needs of economic development, maintain social stability at the villagesand towns level, is the need to narrow the gap between urban and rural, urban and ruraldevelopment as a whole, is the need of promoting the modernization of nationalmanagement system and management ability.CenChuan town social governance has made some achievements, such as thedevelopment of economy at the villages and towns level, the villagers’ material life levelincreased significantly, improve the village two committees, villagers’ autonomy levels increased, to carry out a variety of recreational activities, increasingly rich cultural life ofthe villagers, insist on green development and ecological environment has been effectivelyprotected. CenChuan town of social governance are improving, but the natural socialconditions, the village cadre team level of social security and other aspects of work actualeffect, the villagers still exist certain problems. Comprehensive analysis of the causes,from the social governance in villages and towns environment, affordable, policy,information system, team construction and puts forward some countermeasures tostrengthen villages and towns social governance.
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