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The Study On The Supervision System Of The Public Authority At Countv Level

Posted on:2015-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431488570Subject:Administrative Management
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The public authority generates form the common social need, which is endowed by the citizens to the officials and the relevant departments to exercise and deal with the public problems. The healthy operation of the society should base on the public power of the government and its functions. However, in recent years, there have been more and more social conflicts and problems centered in the benefit game. The corruption phenomenon of the local government emerges in endlessly, which greatly influences the credibility of Party and the government, and becomes the key factor that threatens the social harmony and the stable politics. How to regulate the authority operation is the urgent challenge for the contemporary reform of China. Most studies on the supervision of the public authority put emphasis on the body, the path, the problem and the means of the supervision, but ignore the significance of the supervision object and its content. On the basis of this, the thesis defines the framework of the supervision mechanism of the public authority, from the aspects of the supervision subject, the supervision object, the supervision content and the supervision method, and conducts the case study to discuss the possible methods of the efficient supervision mechanism on the public authority.The county government is the government at the lowest layer, which possesses the complete functions. In light of its significance on the local governance, the thesis chooses Sanmen County in Taizhou City of Zhejiang Province as the study object, discussing the establishment and the improvement of its supervision mechanism on the public authority. Since2012, Sanmen County has explored the overall supervision mechanism on the public authority at the county government. Compared with the previous establishment, Sanmen County defines county, town and village as the supervision object, the supervision content by the authority list, demanding the public sectors to realize the commitment of "serve the people" in accordance with the legal jurisdiction and the legal procedures. On the basis of this, Sanmen County allows full play to the multi-supervision subject including the People’s Congress, the public and the specialized supervision department, and improves the supervision method through the technical and the institution means. From the effectiveness of the practices, Sanmen County has established the supervision mechanism on the public authority from the four aspects and achieved the goal of eradicating the abuse of authority from the source, which would effectively supervise the administrative actions of the government. However, there are still some problems in Sanmen County, such as lack the restriction and safeguard system for the power user, lack the consideration on the non-legal authority and the People’s Congress could not play the role completely. For the purpose, the establishment of the effective supervision mechanism should be conducted from the supervision subject, the supervision object, the supervision content and the supervision method. On the basis of the authority list, the review of the local congress on the legality of the government’s decision-making should be reinforced. The duties of different supervision subjects and the effective supervision methods should be defined and designed for the specific object and content, and the institution should be prepared to guarantee.
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