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Research On The Telecom Fraud Crime

Posted on:2015-08-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Telecommunications fraud is mainly through the use of mobile phone, PHS, fixedtelephone, VOIP telephone, Internet and other communication tools, to the illegalpossession of property for the purpose of others, adopt the method of fictitious factsor conceal the truth, for a larger amount of public or private property behavior. Thecurrent telecom fraud crime in China has become a major social problem, and with thedevelopment of economy, the progress of science and technology against theincreasing difficulty. Based on such a consideration, the paper launched the researchon Telecom fraud crime, from the basic theory of Telecom fraud crime of severaltypes and the characteristics of the current telecom fraud crime common; while thetype which is representative of the telephone fee fraud, consumer credit card fraud,tax refund fraud, false, fictitious relief fraud scams winning fraud, posing as theleading, high salaries to recruit fraud; the main features of diversification, thecriminal means hidden means, check and control difficult, criminal gangs and groups,the increasingly wide range of. Current situation of Telecom fraud crime, the crimehas also contributed to the telecommunications fraud jurisdictional confusion,difficulty in investigation, retrieves the ill gotten money is difficult, to deal blowshard case, obtain evidence difficult; and its development trend is also presented thecrime object specific combination, and no specific crime means and technical meansto quickly update high pressureagainst fraud, convergence, transnational crimes suchas increased. The countermeasures to combat and prevent Telecom fraud crime onfrom the legislation, strengthen public security attack, improve the relevant sectors ofsociety standard and personal protection for the expansion, in the legislation shouldimprovethe relevantlegislation,improve personal information law, telecommunications,the Internet, banking and other related industries law needs to be to improve; tostrengthen against the public security organs of the prevention efforts shouldstrengthen the industry business knowledge training, strengthen education andpublicity, timely publication of typical cases, new way of committing the crime,strengthen efforts to crack down on criminals Telecom fraud; in the social aspects ofnorms should strengthen the relevant industry regulation, such as perfecting thebanking sector supervision, improve the telecom industry regulation, improve theInternet supervision; to strengthen the prevention capacity should focus on strengthening the self understanding, improve the self-protection ability, pay attentionto safety, strengthen personal information, to improve the understanding of Telecomfraud crime and improve international cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Telecom fraud, Micro message fraud, science and technology, Concealment
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