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The New Criminal Procedure Law Applies To Criminal Prosecution Vision Settlement Survey Report

Posted on:2015-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Criminal settlement system means that in the case of certain specific cases ofcriminal suspects and defendants sincere repentance, reconciliation victimvoluntarily, either by the police, prosecution, courts presided over a unit, thesuspect, the defendant and the victim side on civil, reach consensual agreementsmental damages, according to prosecutors or judicial settlement agreements and otherspecific circumstances, the suspect, the defendant be given a lenient punishmentsystem. The system was formally introduced in the Criminal Procedure Code, tostrengthen the duties of prosecutors and investigators, prosecutors enrich theconnotation of the functions of supervision. The new Criminal Procedure Lawimplemented in the past year, the number of criminal reconciliation from HunanProvince, prosecutors handling the case, the applicable settlement charges, thespecific implementation of the contents of the data reconciliation, and the way toreach a settlement deal with the settlement of the case, such as can be seen, thejudicial operation, because the objective and subjective aspects of system defects andcauses, local prosecutors handling the case and its people in the implementation ofthe criminal law is not strictly a phenomenon of reconciliation, highlighting theexistence of the criminal settlement values blur, low work efficiency, and otherissues related mechanism is not perfect. Through empirical analysis and researchproposed to establish a correct concept of the criminal settlement value, broaden thescope of the criminal settlement cases, strengthening the case acquitted of criminalreconciliation processing, the path of reconciliation and improve the criminal casevictim assistance mechanisms envisaged.
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