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Relevant Market Definition Under The Two-sided Market Of Antitrust Law

Posted on:2015-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330431955626Subject:Science of Law
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Two-sided market theory provides a new perspective and open up new areas forthe anti-monopoly law relevant market definition. Now to the definition of relevantmarket under the two-sided market cases have occurred from time to time, such as theUSA visa case, the Chinese360vs. QQ case etc. Defining the relevant market underthe two-sided market has become a research base that can not be ignored. Defining therelevant market under the two-sided market due to the body multilateral on industrialstructure, cross-effects on the demanding structure, and the non symmetry price onpricing structure, defining the relevant market are very different theories on thesubject of industrial structure, the definition of the relevant market theory has thevery big difference of the traditional. It is not easy to define. Starting from thecharacteristics of the two-sided market, the two-sided market corresponds theindustrial structure body multilateral to the type increasing of defining the relevantproduct market and the complexity of the relevant geographic market, we canrationalize competition relationship and type the platform of relevant product marketand the relevant geographic market; As for cross-effects on the demanding structureleads misunderstanding the presence of network externalities and the difficulty ofalternative analysis, we can grasp the new indicators such as product quality, profitmodel, selling methods under the two-sided market, trying new methods, using theproduct performance test according to the quality of the products, the profit modeltest according to the profit model, the sales method test according to the sales and etc;In view of the non symmetry price on pricing structure causes the declined importanceand the limitation of SSNIP test, we should improve the traditional method, innovateSSNIP test method, and improve traditional substitution methods, introducing newfactors, such as the innovation market and time market. Only we consciouslyrecognize the nature of the two-sided market, focus on its features and ways, clarifythe competition relationship on a case-round full dimensions, using appropriate wayto define the relevant market under the two-sided market, can we properly andaccurately identified the scope of relevant product market and the relevant geographicmarket under the two-sided market.
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