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Research Of Forcing The Witness To Testify In Court In The Criminal Proceedings

Posted on:2014-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Forcing the witnesses to testify in court system has been increased in newly CriminalProcedure law. The establishment of this system is in order to solve the long-standingsituation that the attendance of witnesses during judicial practice activities is low.Witnesses testify in court has a very important significance to identify the facts of the caseand safeguard the procedural justice. But in the long-term practice this system just being inlegal texts. In order to achieve the fairness and justice of the law maximum, change thePresent Situation of Justice and achieve the legislative purpose, to force witnesses to testifyin court system has being provided. During establishing this system, in order to promotethis system play a role, economic compensation of witness and protection of witnesssystem has being provided in law to provide support for the witness system at thelegislative level. However this modification is still too general and has a lot ofinadequacies. By interpreting the legal provisions, finding the deficiencies of the law andputting forward advices to promote the improvement of this system in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Forced Attestation, Economic Compensation, Witness Protection, Repelling Certificate Right
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