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Study On The Construction Of Township Government Service

Posted on:2015-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431978793Subject:Marxism in China
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Service-oriented government building socialist regime is an important part ofconstruction with Chinese characteristics, is an important manifestation of the party’sgoverning philosophy, which has an important position and role in the construction ofthe Party’s regime in practice. Party eighteen generals deepening administrative reform,building people satisfied with the service-oriented government included importantissues, it is important to deploy the new era of our party governing the country.The practice of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, the road twists andturns power to implement the concept of the party governing the country, especially inservice-oriented government building full of hardships, a variety of obstacles, conflicts,problems, difficult test of practitioners, explorers. In particular practice buildinggrassroots political power base, precious hard-won experience.Chongqing is China’s youngest municipality, shouldering the party and the countryto deepen the reform of administrative responsibility,"pilot" Chongqing gives greatexpectations. Chongqing at deepening administrative reform were seriously explore thepractice, particularly in strengthening the grassroots political power base construction,especially in service-oriented township government building, and implement the party’sgoverning consciousness, conform to the development of the times, it is worth ourattention and cause us to think.Based on the above considerations, we choose B government A model for the studyof its service-oriented government building for the study of mold present,service-oriented government building practice for clues, the use of development,democratic administration in rural areas, administration, and serving the people andother related theories, the binding process B township building for analysis, reflectionand research status. Seriously, systematically explore the status quo B buildingservice-oriented government effectiveness, analyze the obstacles faced by this stage, thedifficulties and problems and their causes. According to the construction of eighteenpeople are satisfied the requirements of service-oriented government and the party concept of governance the country, according to the people’s needs and rapid economicand social development in Chongqing on the government to listen to the voices of thepeople, improving government efficiency, guarantee a fair equality of opportunity forpeople to protect sustained economic and social development, and gradually perfect thesocialist system, to promote the development of socialist democracy requirements,combined with the status quo shimenzhen service-oriented government building, madesuggestions for the Promotion of the people satisfied with the service-orientedgovernment building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, Government functions, Public Service
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