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China’s Financial Foreign Behavior Under The Perspective Of Monetary Power Structure–Process

Posted on:2015-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431986112Subject:International relations
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In a world dominated by traditional political power, a monetary political logicreliance on currency and finance is developing quietly. Since the disintegration of theBretton Woods system, monetary and political logic of relying on in-depth rapiddevelopment of the globalization capital, countries’ knowledge of currency political logicgradually increased, while monetary and political logic in traditional political logic ledsignificant horizon. All in all, in the international division of labor presents financial-Manufacturing today under new forms of comparative advantage, the rise of politicallogic of money attracted the world’s attention and thinking.This paper presents the perspective of monetary power structure and tried to analyzethe behavior of Chinese diplomacy in East Asia since the1997Asian financial crisis inthis perspective. Firstly, this article will focus on the foundation of monetary powerstructure-process perspective, from the value of money itself and monetary policycoordination with the International Monetary way that monetary value depends on theexistence of its own credibility and authority of the State and the full operation of thepolitical game both monetary and political attributes based on this proposed basic toolsof power and the power of money and its power source; Secondly, we believe that on thisbasis the currency of the world now have a process of structured and constructedinternational monetary power structure-process perspective. In this perspective, thestructural strength of the currency distribution of power and make the currency gap withspecific behavior patterns of state-specific currency position on the power structure, theprocess of stimulating events in the currency in points field power sources so that eachcurrency issuing countries to cooperate in this field and competition; Again, this articleattempts to explain the China’s behavior of financial diplomacy since the1997Asianfinancial crisis in East Asia in this perspective; Finally, based on the proposed monetarybasic power, applied power and monetary power structure-process perspective, the futureof the Chinese financial diplomacy in East Asia gives useful suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Monetary power structure–process, East Asian monetary cooperation, China’s financial diplomacy, Countermeasures
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