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The Guidance Of The Concept Under The Background Of High Consumption Funeral

Posted on:2015-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330434954126Subject:Ideological and political education
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Abstract:During the tide of social reforning, China’s high-consumption funeral is remarkable. Generally, high consumption of merchandise is helpful for the expansion of social reproduction, which is a contribution to the growth of GDP. However, high-consumption funeral does more harm than good, to which the biggest objection is a horrble waste of land resources, pollution of social environment, resulting in unhealthy psychological, such as show off, comparison, and abuse of power for personal gain. There are multiple means to eliminate this social canker, including legal actions, policies, management, publicity, and inculcation, however, imperatively the idea leading is a decisive stage.In the cross-sectional study, on the one hand, to find out the difference, the Chinese people’s funeral consumption concept were compared with the Western developed countries. On the other hand, we are pleased to see our funeral concept is changing to humanities, environmental protection, conservation and innovative gradually in the spring breeze of reform.In the longitudinal aspect, there is a great innovation in this article, it is the five nodes of Chinese people’s funeral concept after the founding of New China, that is,"from1949, the" fate "to" students have the freedom to die there headland "psychological shift; from1956in the beginning, from "the crowd" to "answer the call" psychological shift;1966, transformed from "Anfen" to "rebel" mentality; since1978, by the "thrifty" to "impetuous" transformation; from1997Year-2013, by the "impulse" to "rational" regression. Through the mirror of history, summed up the relationship between social environment and the inherent notion funeral change.In this paper, asking questions, then analyzing and solving problems is a logical order to expound. In the raised part of the problem, pointing out two major issues, namely the problem of high consumption funeral, the second is the concept of guided questions funeral. These two issues are both distinguished and linked. From the contact view, the former is the result of the latter, which is the reason for the former. In the analysis part of the problem, do the analysis of two-pronged From the " economic causes, political causes, cultural roots, the legal origin " and other aspects of the analysis of the root causes of the high consumption of funeral; From " guide mechanism is not perfect, low quality of personnel, poor social environment " and other aspects of the analysis of the roots of the concept of guided ineffective. On this basis, the seriousness that their own hazards. Which endanger the former is encroached land and other resources, adding to the burden on the people the destruction of the natural environment, ruining the social atmosphere. The latter hazards are:a direct impact on the image of the party and the government, the direct drag on the national spirit of soft power, directly contrary to the Marxist mass work " grooming " principle.In the solving problem part, this article elaborated from the boot and implementation of the principles to be followed in two ways. The " leadership attention, clear objectives and organization in place, methods of science, climate, national respect " as a basic principle. The "lead by example, grasping ideas master switch, the popularization of scientific knowledge, good legal advocacy, foster advanced models, a good little micro-environment" as a way to implement.
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