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Discussion On Strengthening Of Standardization Construction Of Fire Administrative Law Enforcement In China By Introducing Quality Management System

Posted on:2015-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M F GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330452970148Subject:Public Management
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Public security law enforcement has been attracting much attention of the society.Its administrative law enforcement about fire control has the closet relationship withthe society and the widest practical application. With release of Fire Control Law ofthe People’s Republic of China is launched,revision of three rules of Ministry ofPublic Security, confirmation and implementation of the strategy ‘rule by law’ andcontinuous soundness and perfection of socialist legal system construction, firecontrol work enters the right track step by step.As time passes, China enters a period of economic transition and socialtransformation gradually. Accordingly, social structure and law-enforcingenvironment encounter profound changes. The administrative law enforcement aboutfire control shows some problems in system and effect gradually. Thus, relatedresearches and theoretical guidance are in urgent need. For instance, sense ofadministrative law enforcement is not enough, enforcement procedures and subjectsare not clear or strengths used to supervise law enforcement are not sufficient. All ofthese require law enforcement of public security and fire control should make activeadaptation and active adjustment and propose higher and newer requirements for fircontrol. In the current social environment, construction of normalized working modeof law enforcement is an inevitable requirement and important content to build aservice-oriented government and a harmonious society. Problems existing infire-control law enforcement not only affect improvement in fire-control lawenforcement ability and level but also become a bottleneck that restricts developmentof construction level of law enforcement standardization and improvement in people’ssatisfaction.According to the provisions of Fire Prevention Law of the People’s Republic ofChina, combining many years’ work experience of grass-root fire law enforcementdepartment, based on many practical experience in supervision management,administrative approval and administrative law enforcement, by reference to the modeand successful case of fire management at home and abroad and comparing with thestandardization construction progress of other law enforcement department, thedevelopment and reform prospect of current fire law enforcement are investigated and studied by using the new public management theory for the purpose of better adaptingto the modern social and economic development. By introducing ISO qualitymanagement system, the standardization construction of fire administrative lawenforcement is strengthened, the standardization construction of law enforcement offire supervision, fire administrative punishment and fire administrative approval underthe current legal environment is analyzes and discussed, the long-term effectivesystem of law enforcement standardization is discussed and new views and opinionsare proposed.Improvement and reinforcement of fire-control law enforcement can not onlystandardize fire control work but also put an end to law enforcement officers’dereliction of duty and misconducts. Besides, they are of positive significance for thecountry to construct service-oriented government, build standard system ofadministrative law enforcement about fire control, make administrative lawenforcement about fire control adapt to rapid development of our social economybetter, promote strict, fair and civilized law enforcement, improve environment ofadministrative law enforcement about fire control and keep situations of fires stable.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative law enforcement about fire control, Standardization of lawenforcement, Quality Management System, Long-term Mechanism
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