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Study The Behavior Of The Quality Of The Local Government Areas For Corporate Brand Development

Posted on:2016-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461452938Subject:Business management
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As an important driving force for regional economic development, the role of the brand has been recognized by the community. But among our regional brand development has shown significant differences, the most important manifestations of the brand gap formed between regions is growing, few provinces outstanding achievements in brand development, but most provinces, particularly in central and Western show weakness in the implementation of brand strategy. From 2013 SAIC issued the "China Brand Development Report" can be seen in the eastern part of the corporate brand development situation is significantly better than the Midwest.However, the brand has long been limited to the study of microscopic fields within the enterprise, there is little for the brand which macroeconomic environment, especially the quality of government conduct targeted research on regional brand development. Based on the development of inter-country regional brand differentiation reality, this paper attempts to study the two parts together, starting to study how local government behavior affects the quality of corporate behavior and the resulting economic consequences of the differences between regions from the development of the corporate brand.In particular research process, we use provincial panel data to establish multiple linear regression model, empirical has an duality impact of the behavior of the local government areas for corporate brand development. Setting local government behavior and quality of regional GDP by adding dummy variable pay multiplied term approach, we study the effects of the level of economic development of different regions and areas of government behavior quality corporate brand development. While the country’s 30 provinces by administrative region is divided into three regions in eastern, central and western study the influence of the quality of government conduct in different areas for corporate brand development. After baseline regression and robustness tests, have demonstrated the validity of the conclusions of this article, that the quality of local government behavior is an important factor affecting the development of regional brand, the higher the quality of government behavior, impact on regional brand of the more significant; economicievelopment in the region level have a significant impact on the quality)f the relationship between local government and regional behavior of corporate brand development, affecting the quality of local government behavior in economically developed areas on regional brand development nore pronounced. Reveals the inner logic of local and regional government behavior quality corporate brand development. On this basis,...
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