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The Administrative Regulations Of China’s Ancient Buildings Fire Safety Management

Posted on:2016-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As China’s precious historical and cultural heritage, ancient buildings are non-renewable resources. However, in recent years, China’s ancient buildings have suffered fires repeatedly, caused huge material losses and mental trauma.China’s ancient buildings have architectural characteristics unlike modern architectures. It is because of ancient buildings have special attributes of fire safety management,which requires us to be taken to the ancient buildings different from the modern way of buildings fire safety management.However, China’s current fire code base is based on a modern building fire situation,revision of ancient buildings fire has few specific legislation, resulting in the ancient building fire without uniform standards of law enforcement, and chaotic.Well-developed legal system of ancient buildings fire, so that the ancient buildings fire safety management according to the law is currently the most urgent needs.Main ancient buildings fire management includes both administrative body, but also the using men of ancient buildings.It should be clear administrative body of administrative functions and a clear division of their respective responsibilities, through the establishment of administrative accountability system to urge the executive body and its staff to perform their duties in accordance with law. The using people of ancient buildings as ancient building fire safety management in the field of administrative counterpart, they should strictly implement the fire safety responsibilities, raise awareness of fire prevention, establish an effective mechanism to improve the self-defense self-help skills.Meanwhile, rights violations suffered in the ancient building fire safety management in administrative counterpart right to relief, in order to maintain social fairness and justice.Articles is divided into five parts in the structure :The first part is the introduction part. This part makes a brief overview to the main events of the ancient building fires occurred in the past two years,such as the ancient city of Shangri-La Dukezong fire, Lijiang fire.I chose to standardize fire safety management of ancient buildings from the perspective of administrative law,enhance the level of fire safety management of ancient buildings,to prevent the tragedy from happening again.This is the value of this paper.This article briefly describes the relevant literature in the field of ancient building fire management,introduces the contents and methods of the article,and points out that the innovation of the article. Using the administrative regulations to regulate the behavior of fire safety management,clear responsibility of law enforcement body and ancient architecture using human for fire safety.The second part analyzes the causes of ancient buildings fire and specificity of ancient buildings fire safety management in China.Many of China’s ancient buildings fire cause of the fire, but the vast majority are caused by human factors.Unlike modern buildings, ancient buildings have many architectural features.China’s ancient buildings of wood or brick structures mainly refractory low-grade, small fire interval, and poor fire roads.Fire facilities can not meet the real needs.We urgently need to build a sound ancient building fire safety management system.The third part analyzes the current reality of the ancient buildings fire safety legislation and proposes legislation to improve China’s ancient buildings fire proposal.Our ancient buildings extreme lack of fire laws and regulations, existing fire laws and regulations are revised basing on the modern building fire, some of them do not apply to the ancient building fire. We should be based on the actual situation of China’s ancient building fire needs to develop and improve fire protection legal system applying to ancient architecture needs.Part IV analyzes the administrative enforcement body, the administrative counterpart of ancient buildings fire safety management and their respective Duties.In the current field of ancient buildings fire safety management, the administrative enforcement body is more and their respective duties unclear, The fire consciousness of administrative counterpart is weak, can not effectively implement the responsibility system for fire safety.We should clear the main administrative enforcement body of ancient buildings fire safety management, clearly defines their respective responsibilities, strengthen fire safety education for administrative counterpart,signs ancient building fire safety responsibility and administrative counterpart,clarify their fire safety management responsibilities, etc.Section V presents the responsibility of ancient buildings fire safety management body remedies and rights infringement of people.In ancient building fire safety management, in order to effectively supervise the administrative body and its staff to perform their duties, we shall establish administrative accountability mechanisms,pursue illegal legal responsibility of the main administrative and staff.Administrative counterpart not to implement the responsibility system for fire safety and other violations should be held legally responsible.Meanwhile, in the ancient buildings fire safety management work, the right to receive an infringement of the unit or individual shall conduct relief, to maintain social fairness and justice.Faced with frequent fires ancient buildings painful situation, we should be based on reality and improve its fire safety management system, so that there are laws must be strictly enforced, prosecuted, in order to reduce or eliminate the ancient buildings fire accidents, and effectively protect the precious intangible cultural heritage.
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