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Analysis Of The Problem Of Civil Public Interest Litigation And Its Perfect In Our Country

Posted on:2016-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, as China’s economic and social development, Public interest litigation cases increased year by year, and caused widespread concern in the media. On the one hand, reflects in the social transition of our country, profound changes in the field of economy, politics, culture, and Ideological, new problems emerge in endlessly. On the other hand, also reflects the accelerating process of our country under the rule of law construction and of the citizen’s legal consciousness and legal awareness is growing. Public interest litigation in the maintenance of social interests, solving social disputes on more and more important. On August 31,2012, the 11th National People’s Congress at the 28th session of the standing committee passed the "on modifying the decision of the < law of the People’s Republic of China civil procedure law>", the new civil procedure law has officially nationwide on New Year’s Day this year. One of the new article 55 clear rules on the public welfare lawsuit system is of epoch-making significance. In this paper, starting from the present situation of public interest litigation in our country, analyzes the public interest litigation system in our country, the cause of the difficulties; Has been clear about the social value and realistic significance of public interest litigation, at the same time, creative proposed the idea of funding public interest law firms by the government, and the constructive suggestions are putted forward for Perfecting our country’s public interest litigation, in order to perfect the civil public interest litigation in China render an own contribution.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public interest litigation cases, system, realistic significance, public interest law firms
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