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Ecological Environment Construction Research On The New Socialist Countryside

Posted on:2016-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461470705Subject:Marxism in China
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China is a historical country, which was built up with agriculture since ancient time; agriculture has created the splendid culture of China. However, due to the process of nature transformation by human beings, variety resources and environment have been damaged. Especially along with the development of urbanization and the increasing population in village, the rural resources and nature ecological system are facing an unprecedented pressure. For instance, the appearances of accumulation between live pollution and Industrial pollution as well as the superposition of new and previous pollutions. The ecological environment problems are easily upgrade to political problems because more and more mass disturbances are originated by environmental factors. It is in this background that the Communist Party and the country have clearly putted forward a strategy, the objectives and requirements of building a new socialist countryside and the construction of the ecological environment is an important part of it.According to the viewpoints above, the structure of this paper is that:the first chapter points out the research objectives, significance and the research status; the methods and creative points in both China and foreign countries. The second chapter has analyses the scientific connotation of civilization construction of the new socialist countryside. Which is mainly includes the concept definition of ecological civilization, the scientific connotation and the basic characteristics of civilization construction of the new socialist countryside and the relevant theoretical basis of this paper. The third chapter has mainly analyses the problems and harmfulness that faced by the construction of socialist countryside environment. These problems are mainly existed in the environmental impact from agriculture production, township and village enterprises, rural domestic waste and cultivation of livestock and birds. Meanwhile, the damage to the environment of new socialism rural ecological deterioration has been analyses. These potential problems may shake the fundamental status of agricultural production, harm the health and life safety of farmers, restricts the sustainable development of rural economy and society, affect the harmony and stability in rural areas and so on. In the forth chapter, the causes of environmental problems of socialist new countryside has been explored and analyses. These problems have divided into several factors, which include social and culture factors, political factors and economic factors. The fifth chapter has analyses the countermeasures of strengthening the construction of new socialist countryside environment. These countermeasures are mainly includes the transformation of the idea of government and implementation of scientific development; planning the agriculture scientifically and develop ecological agriculture; control of population and reduce the pressure on the environment; governance and reform of urban and rural areas; seek of technology support and governance the pollution; establish the ecological awareness and improve the literacy of famers.In conclusion, along with the increasing awareness of environment protection and the increasing requirement of citizen to protect their own self-equity, the improvement of construction of socialist countryside ecological environment is extremely urgent. In order to realize the high quality and fast speed development of the construction of new countryside, we have to actively develop and investigate on the construction of the new socialist countryside environment; also transform the theoretical results into advantageous tools that can promote the construction of the new socialist countryside.
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