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On The Administrative Approval System Reform And The Transformation Of Government Functions

Posted on:2016-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461472159Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative examination and approval system (AEAS) is the key area of full deployment of deepening reform, which is made in the third Plenary Session of the Party’s eighteen. Through the ages, the excessive administrative approval not only limits the marketing activity, but also becomes the foundation of the corruption. It is necessary to continue the comprehensive reform deeply, let the recourses allocated by the market. We must unswervingly convert government functions, and simplify the political power.Since the reform and opening up, administrative examination and approval system was presented for many time, and also practised for many time, however, the outcome was not ideal. What is the problem? This paper, which is based on the theory of administrative examination and approval system, and the reform of Guangdong province administrative examination and approval system, tries to discuss the relationship between the administrative examination and approval system and government functions’conversion. First, the reform of administrative examination and approval system is the key element and breakthrough of government functions’conversion, while the later is the important guaranty for it. Second, by doing research of the historical reforms of the AEAS, and finding the purposes, methods, and characteristic of each reform, I summarize that which stage of our reform is, and what are the difficulties. Third, combining the case of the Guangdong province’s reform with the advanced foreign reform experiences, I conclude proper advices for our reform. I also use the comparative, cost-profit method at both theoretical and practical level to do this. At the local level, Guangdong province need further improve the corresponding reform of the politic, economic, and law. We can not only ensure the integration reform through the instruction and inspection of the districts, but also limit the government administrative examination and approval power by changing the emphasis from quantity to quality, and guarantee the quality of the power decentralization. The main purpose of the administrative examination and approval system reform is to further rationalize the relationship between government and market, government and society, central and local, better play the role of market and society, to better mobilize the enthusiasm of both central and local, to promote the transformation of government functions and accelerate service-oriented government building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Examination and Approval, The reform of administrative examination and approval system, Transformation of government functions
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