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A Study On The Status And Influence Factors Of The Loss Of Grass-roots Civil Servants In The County And Township

Posted on:2016-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461479896Subject:Public administration
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The lost of grass-roots civil servants in the county and township has been a serious realistic problem that we must pay attention to, for it will lead to series of problems, such as low administrative efficiency, unreasonable structures of civil servants, increasing cost of human resource training and development, and damage of the government’s reputation. In this paper, we chose the grass-roots civil servants in the county and township of S Province as the sample to survey. By using questionnaire survey, in-depth interviews and comparative analysis, we got a comprehensive understanding of the ways of the lost of the civil servants, including transfer, resignment, joining the Army; and also we summarized the frequency and ways of the lost of civil servants according to gender, job, education, class, grade.-Moreover, this paper analyzed the main causes of the loss of grass-roots civil servants, including difficult conditions, low salary, heavy workload, complicated interpersonal relationship, promotion difficult, away from the family, no fair assessment etc.. The paper posited that, to establish a stable team of grass-roots civil servants, we should not only adhere to several rules such as management according to the laws, steadily push forward the reform, innovation, paying attention to the practical effect, but also take several measures from the following aspects:1) to establish and improve the internal flow management system of the county and township civil servants; 2) to relax the recruitment conditions, encouraging local students to applying for the positions in their hometown; 3) to improve the treatment of the grass-roots civil servants to compensate the extra cost increase; 4) to expand the selection proportion from the grass-roots civil service, broaden the promotion channels; 5) to expand the recruitment of grass-roots civil servants to fill the empty positions; 6) to increase the training for grass-roots civil servants to cultivating the rational flow of human environment.
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