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Study Of The Government Inspection System And Practice Of Tang Dynasty

Posted on:2015-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the long history of China,inspection activity has been used as a approach of monitoring,and it is maturing with the extension of System and the needing of reality.It emerged in the Pre-Qin Period,and be completed in the Han and Tang Dynasties,and then be strengthened in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Nowadays,it is also very important,and plays an unique role in combating corruption and building the honest government.We can make sense that the great realistic meaning of this topic.The reason why the author chooses the Tang Dynasty as the focus of the study mainly based on the following two points:first of all, the Tang Dynasty is in the middle of whole history of feudal society,and the importance of its position can not be denied in the course of historical process,all of above determine that the Tang Dynasty played an important role of taking over from the past and setting a new course for the future in the whole feudal society.Secondly,as the Tang history recorded,Under the centralized system,the more mature and more complete system had be created in Tang Dynasty.In this paper,the author tries to research the government inspection system and the practice of the Tang Dynasty mainly through reading The Old Book Of Tang Dynasty and The New Book Of Tang Dynasty.These two books are the most authoritative books about Tang Dynasty.In the books,a large numbers of historical facts about the Tang Dynasty government activities were recorded.And,it is indispensable for us to research the history of Tang Dynasty.In this article,the author takes a historical and realistic point of view as starting,following the analysis of the background of Tang Dynasty inspection activities, the author summarizes the form and content of the inspection activities by three aspects:the emperor,the central government and the local government.In most of the literature,the history of Tang Dynasty had been divided into two parts according to the rebellion of An and Shi.In this article, the author makes the evaluation of the inspection activities of Tang Dynasty according to this clue. At the end of this paper,the author describes the basic situation about the Inspection system of Chinese Communist Party briefly.At last the author puts forward three points of suggestion for the inner-party’s inspection system construction by analyzing the characteristics and the practices of inspection system in the Tang Dynasty.Generally speaking, this paper aims to achieve two objectives:one is to help us to understand the feudal society’s political system definitely;the other is to provide some ideas for today’s inspection system construction leading by Chinese Communist Party.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Tang Dynasty, The supervisory system, The system of inspection, inspection activities
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