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Study Of Public Management Institution Reform Of Civil Servants

Posted on:2016-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461962232Subject:Chinese Government and Politics
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Participate in public management institution is a special kind of institutions, Use business establishment and personnel management refer to "civil service law". According to statistics, about 1000000 national institutions participate in public management personnel, This part of the staff Assume the national administrative and Public affairs management responsibilities, it Is an important force in the national administrative work. Participate in public management institution is not always have, Its emergence and development closely related with China’s politics,Administrative system, institution and Cultural background.In the specific historical background, Its existence has certain practical significance. With administrative structure reform pushed deeper and Institution classification reform in full swing, Participate in public management institution reform process interesting. successfully promote participation public management institution reform Is not only related to institution classification reform, overall process Also related to our country society manages system innovation and administrative reform continued to deepen, it Is of great significance.At present, the research works and literature of public participation and manage ment institution reform are less, Most of the theories research focused on institution classification reform and administrative institution reform,What need points out is, Senate career public management units and administrative institutions both connectio ns and differences. The link between the two is that, both of them are the institutio ns to perform administrative functions, Responsibility for similar,The establishment of institutions and management situation from all over the world, Most of the admi nistrative institutions to implement the public participation and management system, While the majority of units to participate in public management institution has unde rtaken administrative functions. The difference is that, Although to perform administrative functions, Public participation and management institutions functions from a wi der, Except authorized by laws and regulations, Local laws, regulations and eve n the "sanding" files can become its functions according to. Assume the administrati ve functions of the institution function comes from the law,regulations and authori zation. In addition, the results of examination and approval and determination mecha nism, the two also have great differences. Therefore, between administrative instituti ons and the reference "Civil Servant Law" career management unit Both mixed and different phenomenon. From the perspective of deepening the reform of administrat ive system, Administrative institutions and participation in public management institu tion Existence is the most typical "regardless of politics".From the beginning of th e last century 90’s, The reform of the administrative system in China focused "polit ics does not divide", Trying to change the administrative agencies and institutions m anagement confusion, unclear responsibility pattern. But 20 years on, Administrative function more and more into the business unit, Administrative agencies to substantia lly reduce the number and stable control, The number of public participation and m anagement institutions Not decrease instead of increase. This is a very strange phen omenon in the process China administration system, Thinking aroused more and mo re people, To participate in public management units, a piece of "hard bone" how h ard can chew? In the continuous deepening of the administrative system reform, Se nate career public management units and how to carry on the reform?In this regard, this paper analyzes the producing reason of participate in public management institution,Participate in public management institution originated in The traditional personnel system left,Combination of government agency reform,Total administrative restrictions, Adapt to economic and social development needs and other reasons. According to the source function can be divided into three types, Functional, Authorized, Commission, Carding summed up, and follow the type Development process, participate in public management institution,Analyses and summarizes state Senate public management institution. At present, According to the Civil Servant Career law management unit mainly exist in the examination and approval links at random,The functions of positioning vague,The management system is not perfect,Internal incentive mechanism is not in place,Performance problems such as low performance. In view of the requirements of classification reform of the administrative system institution,The author believes, Participate in public management institution reform overall requirements are top layer design,Actively and steadily implemented,The specific measures shall be in strict statutory duties,Accelerating pace, separating the functions of government from,Properly handle classified reform stakeholders interests adjustment,Strengthen the participation public management troop quality construction and Institutional strengthening program management.
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