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Farmers’ Rights Security Research In The Contracted Land Management Right Circulation

Posted on:2016-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The remarkable achievements China’s reform and opening-up policy has made over the past nearly four decades are beyond doubt, but with the advancement of China’s industrialization, modernization and urbanization step by step, there is also emerging a series of social contradictions. The urban-rural gap in social and economic development makes the whole society begin to pay close attention to problems concerning agriculture, rural areas and peasants, and the state has been keeping a close eye on such problems in No.1 Central Documents for consecutive ten years, which clearly shows the central government actually attaches much importance the agricultural development and the rights and interests of peasants. Through research, the author finds:the imperfectness of land circulation system is an important reason for the frequent infringement of peasants’ interests. Then how to improve the legal system of land circulation and regulate the conduct of involved parties, so as to protect the legitimate interests of peasants, promote the development of China’s agricultural industry and maintain social harmony and stability.This paper is divided into three parts respectively as foreword, main body and conclusion, of which the main body is made up of four aspects:Section Ⅰ is an overview of the land circulation system and peasants’ rights and interests, mainly elaborating a profile of land circulation and peasants’ rights and interests involved during the land circulation process. In the Section Ⅱ, it analyzes the status quo of peasants’ rights and interests protection in China’s land circulation and the concrete manifestation of infringement of peasants’ rights and interests, especially stresses on analysis of the reason for infringement of peasants’ rights and interests. In the Section Ⅳ, it enumerates the experiences in respect of peasants’ rights and interests protection we can learn from developed countries. This part briefly discusses the land circulation system respectively in United States, Britain, Japan and Germany and their measures to protect peasants’ rights and interests as well as relevant experiences worthwhile for China to learn from in the legislative and judiciary. In the Section Ⅳ, it presents several strategies and countermeasures to strengthen the protection of peasants’ rights and interests. It is necessary to speed up the legislative progress of land circulation system and promptly introduce some "good laws" that can promote the development of China’s agricultural industry and the improvement of peasants’ living standards.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Circulation, Land Contractual Management Right, Protection of Peasants’ Rights and Interests
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