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Study Of Service Management Mode Innovation In Harbor Frontier Inspection Station

Posted on:2016-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461977914Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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Harbor frontier inspection station is an administrative law enforcement agent established at the open port, which performs the function of inspecting immigration personnel and their belongings as well as inbound or outbound means of transports and their carrying cargos. Harbor frontier inspection station is responsible for the maintenance state sovereignty, security and social order. How to effectively ensure the improvement of service levels is the focus in harbor frontier inspection station’s work nowadays. This paper starts with the current service management mode in harbor frontier inspection station, making a deep research of service management innovative approaches.For the first, this study introduces and analyzes the definition, service evolution, current service management status, as well as the consistency of service management system and government administration pattern, which makes an important and significant part in service management system research. Subsequently, the study raises questions related to current service management mode of harbor frontier inspection station. It specifically analyzes the amount of work, requirements and the service mechanism in detail and then states the problems exist in service management mode in the agent. Next the feasibilities of promoting service management, advantages, the administrative development of the government as well as the career demands for service management mode are successively analyzed. At last, to improve the viability of service management, benefits, and career development mode of government administration demand service management mode to analyze. Finally, there’s an overview of innovative methods for harbor frontier inspection service management service management, which is stated separately from the comprehensive promotion and the institutional improvements of service manage innovation. The study makes a detailed description of the mode, work standards, team building and innovation philosophy of service administration, as well as the synchronization philosophy of international development strategy and work of innovative development based on the dual mode system. Thus this study proposes concrete strategic safeguards measures in order to provide references for harbor frontier inspection station.Through this study people could find that the comprehensive promotion of service management system is an important way to deepen and improve service level for the harbor frontier inspection station, as well as a reform guidance of harbor frontier inspection mechanism, what is more, it’s a strategic initiative that drives the comprehensive construction of harbor frontier inspection station. Therefore, in the future harbor frontier inspection stations must adhere to the principle, keeping pace with the times and maintaining pragmatic innovation. The station must make great efforts to summarize experience and lessons, constantly enhance and improve the effectiveness as well as the information level, comprehensively promote the service management system innovation of the harbor frontier inspection station.
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