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Research On Rural Community Social Management Innovation Under The Perspective Of Balancing Urban And Rural Development

Posted on:2016-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330461987970Subject:Marxism in China
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China is an agricultural country, building a moderately prosperous society cannot do without a Stable, harmonious and developmental rural. The Rural issues are the focus of the party’s work at present. Rural community as the birthplace of China’s traditional culture, is the root of Chinese traditional culture, it plays an important role in the inheritance and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture. Cultural development and prosperity of rural communities have a great significance in the implementation of promoting cultural. Currently, in-depth study of cultural rural community issues undoubtedly has great practical value in building a new socialist countryside.This paper is based on the basic national conditions at the present stage, in urban-rural integration of research perspective, through the study on the current status of the rural community culture construction, and profound analysis of existing problems in the rural community culture construction, to explore the causes of existing problems. Particularly realized the constraints which dual system structure, lack of awareness of the importance of culture, and insufficient capital investment caused by the cultural construction of rural communities existing range of issues most important reason. This paper tries at the request of the integrated development of urban and rural areas, by finding problems, analyze, and ultimately solve the problem, on the basis of learn from successful experience in domestic and international, for the rural community culture construction have a feasible way.First of all, in this paper, based on the spirit of seeking truth from facts, by using the theory of Marxism and the newest theoretical results which Marxism of urban-rural integration, rural communities, rural community culture related concepts and the construction of culture makes a scientific definition and theory basis in this paper; And make full use of Marxist analysis method to deeply analyze the rural community culture construction of the existing problems and the insufficiency, explore the causes of existing problems and the insufficiency. Secondly, by collecting and collating the successful experience of domestic and international cultural construction in rural areas, to provide reference for cultural development in rural communities in China. Again, firmly establish the concept of people-oriented, promote cultural development at the request of the integrated development of urban and rural areas, to deal with the relationship between cultural inheritance and innovation, give full play to the guiding role of the government, mobilize social forces to participate in actively, efforts to promote the scientific level of the rural community culture construction. Finally, in the perspective of urban-rural integration, from speeding up the construction of public cultural facilities, accelerate the development of cultural industries, accelerate the construction of cultural talent team, and promote the organization and coordination of the cultural aspects of the building, to make a deep exploration of the Rural community culture construction, in order to make some theoretical reference for rural community culture construction, and provide guidance for specific activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban-rural integration, rural communities, cultural construction
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