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Research Institutions And Administration Organ Functions Defining Issue

Posted on:2016-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330461994436Subject:Public administration
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Since the reform and opening up, in order to adapt to China’s economic and social development and constantly improve the socialist market economic system, transformation of government functions is on the agenda. China is currently in the period of social and economic transformation, during which some administrative habits developed under the planned economy still exist in current government function and administrative management system and the proper government function system and administrative system meeting market economy demands has not been fully established. There still exist offside, dislocation and omission phenomena in government behaviors to some extent and social management and public service functions of the Government still need to be further strengthened. There are still prominent problems:The central and local government responsibility division is not scientific; responsibility definition is not clear; power does not match with undertakings; department setup is unreasonable; responsibilities are inconsistent; administrative efficiency is low; government power is too centralized; effective supervision is missing; some government officers misuse of power; and corruption still exists. Therefore, the scientific definition of government functions and the establishment of sectors to realize fundamental transformation of government functions are still the key to the reform of our government.This paper first reviewed a large number of relevant literatures about the functions of the government system at home and abroad, then defines the concepts of our authorities, administrative organizations and public institutions and describes China’s institutional reform process and the current status and problems of administrative organizations and public institutions since the reform and opening up, in particular the problems about the responsibility division of central and local government, the functional definition among government departments and between administrative organizations and public institutions. At last it proposes some practical suggestions for such problems, including dividing and regulating powers and authorities of central and local government in a reasonable and lawful manner; defining and adjusting inter-departmental function structure as per market economy demands, establishing administrative functions in a clear and scientific manner strengthening administrative management system reform, so as to provide some references for function definition and classification of public institutions in China government reform.This paper adopts the combination methods of literature study and social investigation, system analysis and economic analysis as well as empirical analysis and normative analysis to analyze main problems in the definition of functions of China’s administrative organizations and public institutions and put forward some feasible solutions.Concerning government function, Chinese and foreign researchers mainly studied how it works from its mission and economics prospective; while public institutions are one unique kind of organizations which are studied rather late by Chinese researchers and most researchers focus on their function division. This paper focuses on the re-definition of functions of administrative organizations and public institutions and proposes some innovative ideas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administration Organization, Public Institution, Function Definition
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