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Study On National Security Supervision Of The Customs Post In The New Period

Posted on:2016-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464450419Subject:Public administration
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Control of Personal Effects and Postal Items is a significant way for Customs to implement national policy.It is complex and connects with our national diplomacy,religious, the United Front policies closely. With the rapid growth of this services,safety and security of cross-border’s channel is to attract attention by our country and Customs more and more. In handling lots of messages with convenience and preventing the violations, become the difficulties of Customs supervision in the new period.Moreover, with the non- traditional Customs functions growing, the management responsibilities for drugs, contraband print, audio and video products, cultural artefacts,religious articles, endangered animals and plants, nuclear material, biological explosives, firearms, ammunition, small wireless transceiver, confidential documents,and other types’ goods about restriction have been increasing. Therefore, it is particularly important to research the connection between Customs control of Personal Effects and Postal Items and the national security from the new strategic thinking.From the current status and problems of the supervision of customs post new period with the inevitability of the overall analysis of the existing national security risks of customs supervision for the post; the use of public management theory, the special function, the criminology theory, national security theory to analyze the crux of the problem, drawing on relevant foreign customs system based on design theory the path and way of national security risks control. This paper consists of introduction,conclusion and five chapters of main body consists of seven parts:The introduction is mainly about the significance of the topic, research methods,literature review, research ideas and thesis structure;The first chapter starts from the present situation of post supervision during the new period of the customs, the customs post supervision comprehensively discusses the current problems;In the second chapter, the international terrorism, transnational drug crimes endanger the ecological environment of the phenomenon, anti China Ideology conversion mode of operation point of view, analysis of the specific performance of cross-border post national security risks exist;Third chapter from the perspective of public management theory, the special function, the criminology theory, national security theory and comprehensive analysis of the customs supervision for the post of national security risks exist and its origin;The fourth chapter elaborates the related management system of foreign customs,analysis of these methods in the specific role of safeguarding national security, as Chinese customs will reference measures according to;The realization path of post supervision and the national security of the fifth chapter of the customs, the design of control and prevention of the customs post supervision Chinese home security policies and measures.The conclusion is the important part of this article, comprehensive arrangement for the viewpoint of this article, measures and methods, the maximum efficiency of defining policy principles and system of the proposed method and possible shortcomings and defects, put forward the prospect of further.
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