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The Construction Of Commercial Bail Bond Agent System—Commercial Bail System Research And Reference

Posted on:2016-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Guaranteed pending trial system in criminal proceedings combines criminal enforcement measures with the market economy interests,which can not be expected together with the pay bail. It is an advantage for improving the efficiency of the proceedings and ensuring the proceedings went smoothly. However, the missing legislation and randomness executed on guaranteed pending trial system make the system lack of standardization, even be abused and indiscriminate. In judicial practice,the low rate of bail and high rate of detention has become a representative problem.In foreign countries, particularly in common law countries, the development of bail system similar to Guaranteed pending trial system, has become increasingly sophisticated. The advantage is a wealth of judicial practice and the basis of conduct relevant research on the theory formation.This paper carried out on bail system abroad of generating,development,system to find a still blank conception-Commercial bail for our current situation. Then, it expounded and analyzed the new conception of positive about historical origins, ideology theory, practice and other content.Our legal system should be constructed in order to solve the problem-oriented, maximize the protection of the rights.It tried to seek the solutions in criminal justice issues from the perspective of commerce or private. In the end, it specifically designed our commercial bail system in foreshadowing the aforementioned studies,in order to be able to be helpful to our criminal justice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bail, Sureties, Bail pending trial
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