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Swedish Corruption Governance And Its Experience For Reference

Posted on:2016-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464457550Subject:Foreign political system
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Social problems faced by our country, corruption is top priority. In recent years, frequent corruption cases in China, the nest case string case, lok ma officials involved in the level of shock. Anti-corruption situation is not optimistic.Our government corruption has risen to the height of the "led to the destruction of the Party and national subjugation".Influence on the international anti-corruption agency "transparency international" as the great influence of anti-corruption agency, ranking corruption perceptions index, published in the recent ten years, Swedish corruption perceptions index ranked top three for successive years, was named one of the most non-corrupt countries in the world.Why such a small country achieve long-term maintain clean, this is like our country beset by corruption, has strong attraction.Based on the related concepts of corruption and corrupt governance, perfect the legal system in Sweden, the government affairs open and transparent, management norms, the less the root cause of corruption cases. By Sweden’s anti-corruption legislation and effective power restriction such as empirical approach, inductive analysis and found that corruption governance in our country from the successful experience and problems existing in the process of get revelation: relying on the rule of law governance corruption is a fundamental way, promote the honesty education of the whole society, fostering incorruptible culture, success to the aid of various power corruption. Combined with China’s national conditions, to strengthen the related countermeasures of corruption in China are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corruption, Corruption governance, Sweden, Clean and honest culture, Anti-corruption supervision
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