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Arrest Necessity Censorship

Posted on:2014-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, as the country continues to build the rule of law, a variety of legal policy of gradual improvement. Criminal mandatory arrest is the most common way to measure, but also a number of measures to the most severe kind. Arrest domestic and foreign big gap between domestic long as the arrest of criminal suspects implementation of activities, more and detention associated with it. Foreign arrest system management, the judges guide. From international norms arrest system point of view, only effectively guarantee the right to freedom of life, while ensuring the normal operation mode of state power to be able to meet international standards, and reflects the principle of fairness. The important role of the arrest is to be able to non-criminal, to ensure people’s lives and property safety. On the domestic judicial practice point of view, this effect was distorted. Arrest judicial practice now appear casually arrest, abuse of rights and so on. Arrest measures applicable to the necessity for reflection, to alleviate the current judicial practice to arrest the problem of defects, which corresponds to its taking appropriate measures. Making the process of judicial practice, arrests measures more workable and feasible. Adhere to arrest necessity censorship, able to control the phenomenon of abuse of rights in judicial practice, while ensuring that each person’s human rights and security.With the state’s legal policy of continuous implementation of the new Code of Criminal Procedure for the original papers of the judicial system improve and supplement, and pay more attention to human rights in the judicial practice. Arrest measures, for each side of a detailed analysis, in the original fusion of institutionally more humane management, will lead the domestic arrest on track. Domestic Arrest System has been the concern of many people, so it has been constantly updated and change. The promulgation and implementation of the new Code of Criminal Procedure, will make an arrest domestic development system toward a new height. This will be based on the need to review the system at home and abroad to arrest research analyzes the need for further arrests overview of censorship, thus to analyze the necessity of existence value, according to the case studies, is necessary to arrest the domestic censorship to make further analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:arrest necessity, arrest abuse, risk assessment, judicial relief
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