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Farmers’ Organizations Resources Integrate Research

Posted on:2016-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330464468351Subject:Administrative Management
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Organization is the basic means of survival and development of modern people, the rural community is inseparable from organization of farmers, the development of farmers organizations need to be run as an important carrier. So, allowing farmers to organize themselves again, to change farmers decentralized survival and living conditions in the past, so that farmers in the form of organization has become an important issue to achieve social stability and development in rural areas.Firstly, the study discusses the general theory of farmers’ organizations, including the type of farmers’ organizations, concepts, features and functions. Secondly, this study use the resource dependence theory as the theoretical analysis tools to analyze the interdependencies between the three categories of farmers’ organizations, and then come to the development trend of farmers’ organizations that cooperate with each other. The cooperation between organization of farmers without government and market mechanisms in the dual role, and then build a combination of market mechanisms and government mechanisms farmer cooperative integration model of organizational resources. Again, discuss the basic problems of the current situation and development of farmers’ organizations From an empirical perspective, summed dispersed resources of farmers’ organizations and conflict is the root of the problem. Then, select Typical Case of three farmers’ organizations resource integration, analysis of the specific content of the government under the integrated model of cooperation mechanisms and the role of market mechanisms, and the difficulties that exist in practice. Finally, respectively, from the government-led, market development and the promotion of mutual cooperation in three aspects, this paper proposes the integration of peasant farmers organizational resources specific path.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmers’ Organizations, The Resource Dependence, Integration
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