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Local Government Public Crisis Management

Posted on:2015-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464470944Subject:Public administration
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With the development of society and economy, the world within the scope of public crisis erupted continuously, how to better deal with all kinds of public crisis, improving the capacity of the government’s public crisis management, has become a common research topic of the international community. And at present, the development of our country has entered a period of social transformation and economic transition, the development environment is complicated, and various natural crisis, public health events and social crisis crisis broke out, the serious damage to the interests of the public, but also continuously about the current government’s ruling ability. The relative resources in the development of such a complex background. The reason is various. In crisis, local governments at all levels for the processing of the first time, always at the forefront of position, so the level of public crisis management ability is directly related to our country government public crisis management ability of the whole. Thus, research on local government public crisis management. so as to improve our country government public crisis management ability, and enhance the ruling ability of our government, is particularly important. Taking yulin "dog day event" as an example, combined with the analysis of the latest social data, view analyzes the present situation and the cause of the current local government crisis management in our country, finally puts forward the basic way of perfecting our country’s local government public crisis management.The author first to the local government public crisis management related concept explanation, then analysis the yulin "festival events", on the basis of summarizing the current status and reasons of local government public crisis management, finally targeted put forward the ways to improve local government public crisis management, mainly includes improving the local government and the staff, and even the whole society’s awareness of crisis, establishing and perfecting the public crisis management mechanism, give full play to the power of the other social organization common governance of public crisis and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:crisis management, the local government, the Yulin "festival events"
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