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The Search On Issues And Countermeasures In The Administrative Ethics Practice Of The Leading Cadres

Posted on:2016-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464472078Subject:Administrative Management
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Party and government cadres is the executor of public authority and the representatives of public interest.Taking effective measures to address ethical issues in administrative practice and strengthening the role of of administrative ethics, will help to curb the spread of corruption,promote the politicians to be self-respect, self-reflection, self-admonition and Self-motivation in behavior, purify the social atmosphere,finally form the theme that it is full of righteousness.In recent years, especially since the 18th Party Congress of China, along with China’s Continued to deepen anti-corruption work, some Party and government cadres who violated discipline and law have been investigated. It reflects the severity of official corruption and crisis of moral decline in politics.In this paper, the author adopt methods including literature research and data Analysis, generalize administrative ethics problems in practice of party and government cadres at the present stage, analyze the causes of the problem, try to put forward measures to administer problems in ethical practice and improve party and government cadres’ self-cultivation about Administrative Ethic.This paper mainly composed of four major components, as follows:The first part, Introduction. This part explains the background, theoretical and practical significance, Domestic and foreign literature research and practical experience on administrative ethics, research methods, writing frames and innovation.The second part,Related theory overview about Party and government cadres’ Administrative Ethic.On the one hand, Definition of range of Party and government cadres,the concept of Administrative Ethic, ethical requirements for the Party and government cadres; On the other hand, To elaborate theoretical basis of the research on ethical practice of administrative cadres, including the ethics of responsibility and honest political theory.The third part, Problems and cause analysis. Based on the analysis of the discipline and law violation case, this article summarizes three problems:First, the political ethical issues, including the problems about lacking of faith,organization and personnel, dereliction of duty and work style; Second, economic ethical issues, this aspect focuses on the corruption and bribery, collusion between the government and business, elegant and hidden bribe; The third,personal life style issues, focuses on the leading cadres’ private morality problems, especially improper sexual relations become a serious problem in the ethical practice. The main reasons including:First of all, leading cadres’ personal subjective, mainly including the expansion of leading cadres individualism and social and psychological imbalance; Secondly,reason for political atmosphere,this section compose of erosion from the bureaucratic culture dross, the rule of law is not perfect and not force supervision.The fourth part, Discussion of policy resolve.mainly including:First,training leading cadres virtue, conducted from emphasizing ethics education and strengthening ethics self-cultivation; The second is to build institutional system of administrative ethics, this part including administrative ethics legislation, the establishment of an independent ethics agency, improve ethical oversight mechanism,form a legislative, executive, administrative ethics oversight management system. The third is to create a good political ecology.This section through political reform, cultural construction,engrave party political life and expand public support to create a good environment to support construction of administrative ethics.Based on the study of the construction of administrative ethics on domestic and foreign and scholars’research, this article strive to be innovative:First, this paper introduces the concept of responsibility ethics and clean politics to illustrate the importance and necessity of construction of administrative ethics.And, placing construction of administrative ethics in the a more important position,will be beneficial to the ruling literacy promotion and anti-corruption; Second, the paper tried to excavate the latest data, views, etc. According to the latest news CCDI Supervision website, Xinhua, People’s Daily, the Beijing Times and other publishing, including 60 provincial and ministerial level officials, feedback information since the introduction of Eight regulations,the article summarized prominent problems in the process of administrative ethics practice,including political ethical issues, economic ethical issues and personal life style issues; Third, This paper describes the view from three aspects that are the self-discipline, law and environment support,get rid of the requirements of leading cadres to improve their ethical training.
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