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Research On Ren Bishi’s Thought Of Party Construction In The Period Of Anti-Japanese War

Posted on:2016-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ren Bishi is an outstanding leader of Chinese Communist Party, he is also an excellent proletarian revolutionary, statesman, organization and a great Marxist. As an important member of the first generation of collective leadership to Mao Zedong at the core, he dedicated his whole life to Chinese revolution and the construction of the Chinese Communist Party. Ye Jianying praised him as a camel of our party, a camel of Chinese people, our model, and the best member in our party.He has been engaged in the work of the party for a long time, and made many beneficial exploration on the construction of the party during the period of Anti-Japanese war, which finally formed an ideological system of party building. The formation of Ren Bishi’s party building thought was inseparable from the complex historical background. During the period of Anti-Japanese War, Japanese army invaded China, while Britain and other countries adopt a neutral attitude towards Japan’s aggression, on the one hand, Chinese Nationalist Party intended to join the anti-Japanese war with Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, they want to limit, to weaken or even destroy Chinese Communist Party. The Communist Party was in a period of rapid development at that time, while Some people brought Non-proletarian ideology into the Communist Party, then, influence the Communist Party. All of this Provides Objective conditions for the formation of Ren Bishi’s party building thought. From the subjective side, he was deeply influenced by culture Xiangchu, and actively into the stream of the May 4th Movement later. His learning experience in Russia, as well as practical experience when he participated in the Revolution and the Agrarian Revolution laid the theoretical and practical basis of his ideas on party building. Under the influence of the subjective and objective conditions, his party building thought gradually formed.The main content of Ren Bishi’s party building thought including the party in the ideological construction, organization construction and political construction in three aspects. He made a summary and detailed instructions at the meaning of the party spirit, party standards and the need to strengthen the party spirit, at the same time, widely publicize the Marxist theory, and pointed out the importance of strengthening the education of Marxism in China. In the aspect of the party’s organization construction, he believes that to strengthen the building of the contingent of cadres of the party is an important building party organization contents, meanwhile,he expound respectively from the source selection and training cadres, party members and cadres, inspection and supervision of cadres and other issues. In the aspect of party’s political construction, he proposed to have a correct understanding of the party leadership, the democracy, and get rid of militarism in order to strengthen the unified leadership of the party.During the Anti-Japanese War period, Ren Bishi’s party building thought is realistic, comprehensive and directed, which not only has important historical significance but also has reality enlightenment for the current role. From the historical point of view, it enriched Mao Zedong’s party building thought, and made a great contribution to Mao Zedong thought under the guidance of the status of the party. From a practical perspective, his view on the party spirit and thoughts about the party’s cadre troop construction have a great significance in improving the party member’s overall quality and ability, and enhancing the party’s fighting capacity. Nowadays, the whole party is further implement the party’s eighteen big spirit to carry out the study, service-oriented, innovative party construction. In this paper, in-depth study of Ren Bishi’s party building thought during the Anti-Japanese war is of practical significance to the construction of the party’s ruling party.
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