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The Analysis Of The Construction Of A Service-oriented Village-level Party Organization Under The Course Of Farmer Individualized

Posted on:2016-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330464473731Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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The changes of society drives the way of parties to respond to social transformation. China has adopted the reform and opening-up policy for nearly forty years, Great changes have taken place in Chinese society. One of the prominent feature is the rise of individual. The changes of society make difference to the relationship between the ruling party and society. Service-oriented party construction which was proposed by the Eighteenth Party’s Congress,is a major change in the party’s ruling concept. In terms of rural grassroots party organizations, service-oriented party construction inherently requires that rural grassroots organizations should also to carry out this concept, to strengthen the construction of a service-oriented basic-level party organization.The mission of party’s grass-roots organizations at all levels in strengthening the construction of a service-oriented basic-level party organization is different. For the village-level party organizations, service construction of the village-level party organizations must revolve around the current development of Chinese rural social development. Since the reform and opening-up policy, great changes have taken place in China’s rural society. Farmers in the big tide of reform and opening up give full play to their creativity, greatly improving the production way of life, Living standard are improved comprehensively. At the same time in the process, farmers’individualized state has been cultivated unconsciously in economy, politics, culture. The soil of rural social structure and the survival of the village-level party organizations has also changed subsequently. Farmers’individualized state has an impact on village-level party organizations.The village-level party organizations is the core of leadership of the party in rural society. Service construction of village-level party organizations must face individualized development trend of current rural farmers. Service construction of the rural party branches must take more measures simultaneously. First of all, we should scientifically position and scientifically understand that leadership is service; Secondly, dynamic adjustment of organization structure build a new management mechanism for moderate elastic tissue; Again, reasonably adjust rural organization at the grass-roots level, building a new pattern of "a main multivariate"; Finally, focus on the development of new organizational functions, broaden the new areas of organizational services.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmer individualized, the village-level party organizations, Service-oriented party, Service construction of village-level party organization
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