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On Online-Bank Business Legal Risk Regulation In Our Country

Posted on:2014-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Internet banking is the product of the combination of scientific and technological progress and the financial industry innovation through the use of modern information technology, online banking for its low-cost, convenient, efficient, showing strong vitality. Internet banking has been associated with the pace of the Internet age to enter the door to China, and the formation of a certain size and a good momentum of development. Internet banking is becoming an important means for financial institutions to expand the scope of business growth, adjusting business strategies, promote financial development. However, online banking, after all, is the product of the combination of technological innovation and financial innovation, the network banks showing different basic properties of the application of information and network technology. These properties, so that the network banks in reducing the operating costs of traditional banks, online banking also new risks, these risks in the banking sector stable operation of the ground as well as the legal system to the existing financial regulatory huge challenge. Therefore, in the creation and development of the network banks, prevent and control the risks of online banking, to ensure the safe operation of the network banks has become an urgent need to address important new topic. In view of this, the paper integrated use of qualitative analysis, comparative analysis, and systems analysis research methods to study the legal regulation of online banking risk.This article is addition to the introduction is divided into four chapters.The first chapter introduces the concept of online banking, characteristics, the concept of the legal risks of online banking, their risk of reasons.Chapter II through online banking supervision defined legal system, its theoretical basis and practical significance of the analysis, recognizing the importance of monitoring the implementation of on-line bank, established online banking legal risk prevention goalsThe third chapter mainly introduces and analyzes of our current network banks legal system. By introducing the status quo of China’s Internet banking regulatory law, the flaws of our existing network bank regulatory legal system reflects the drawbacks of existing online banking.Chapter of the idea to build our Internet banking legal risk prevention system, not only adapt to China’s national conditions, and be able to adapt to the needs of international online banking so that our country’s legal system of risk prevention.
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