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Chinese Government Geographic Information Sharing Platform Research

Posted on:2015-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330464958095Subject:Public administration
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At present, the geography space information gradually in the government management decision-making process plays an important role, is not only an important information resource management at all levels of government decision-making, but also integrate framework of government information, spatial information technology is indispensable to the government management decision support tool. Its main function has:one for the planning, construction, transportation and other city infrastructure construction management. Two is the superposition of population quantity, population distribution, specific places and other basic information, provides visual guidance for government decision making. Three is the city of sensor technology in information technology of Surveying and mapping, to provide real-time guidance for the resident travel mode choice. Four is to provide the basic data and service for the enterprise operation. As an important part of the construction of e-government, currently in the country to establish a authoritative geographic information sharing platform is very necessary.The paper studies the Shanghai geographic information public service platform operation status, service mode, applications and challenges, the analysis of the current construction of government geographic information sharing problems in the process, and the combination of domestic and foreign government geospatial information sharing mode and experience, with the government process reengineering based on e-government as feasibility of the proposed optimization perspective, to explore the government geospatial information sharing mechanism in China.Through the case study of Shanghai geospatial information public service platform, the government departments geospatial information sharing platform advantages are mainly distributed geospatial information and government information online fusion to the government decision, conducive to the realization of regional geographic information sharing, conducive to the realization of the transformation of information service mode of Surveying and mapping departments geospatial cross department at the same time, points out that the government departments of geospatial information sharing platform of the difficulties are mainly the lack of information resources, sharing security regulations of geospatial information sharing mechanism is not perfect, the lack of departmental interests regulation limitations of management system of Surveying and mapping administration mechanism, the overall.Combined with the theory of seamless government related content, and further optimize the information on government departments geospatial Chinese sharing platform, puts forward the sound national geospatial information sharing regulations, establish government geospatial information sharing system, working mechanism, establish an information sharing system of standardization and operation process, introducing market forces to provide information application development services and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:information sharing, geospatial information, electronic government affairs
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