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Researching New Urbanization Development In Marx And Engels Urban-rural Relationship Horizon In Kashgar

Posted on:2016-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330464964951Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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As early as in 2011, the world famous Nobel economics laureate Stiglitz once predicted, the two major influence the process in the 21st century:one is the high-tech; The second is China’s urbanization. In our domestic habits become urbanization, although China’s real urbanization began in the 1980 s, along with the gradually thorough, the practice of reform and opening to the top for how to combine China’s national conditions, to find a suitable own actual path of urbanization, in terms of national macro policy increasingly tend to be more rational and mature. At present, on China’s urbanization basically reach such a consensus from all walks of life:in the aspect of urban development, adhere to the coordinated development of large, medium and small towns the road of urbanization with Chinese characteristics.However, China is a large country, and different areas because of the economic, political, and cultural development level there is a big difference, the new development of urbanization and have their different particularity. This article is based on the thought of Marx and Engels’s view of urban and rural, the analysis combed the Marx and Engels is the development of the city, more than 160 years ago the city on the law of development to explore, sums up the main ideas of the concept of Marx and Engels in urban and rural areas. That’s what they thought that the development of the city, urban and rural and urban and rural integration is the result of capitalist mode of production, will eventually die with the death of capitalist mode of production. Since the 16th national congress, to narrow the gap between urban and rural development in our country, made a strategic decision of urbanization with Chinese characteristics. Marx and Engels view of Kashgar region urbanization in urban and rural areas has an important modern enlightenment. Marx and Engels, opposite the demise of the urban and rural areas is the industry difference and class of senior the premise that the arrival of the social stage of communism. Antagonism between urban and rural areas, therefore, is the result of the capitalist mode of production, also inevitable demise in the capitalist mode of production. Kashi is located in the western regions frontier of China, is China’s famous historical and cultural city, the Taklamagan desert in the east. In ethnic composition is complicated, mainly Uighur, is called "the native place of uygur". Under the concept of Marx and Engels urban-rural kashgar region of the construction of the new type of urbanization path:concept innovation as the guide, pay attention to and protect the urban soul-urban culture. Do a good job in the top-level design enhance the science of kashgar region urbanization; Adjust the industrial structure to enhance the kashgar region "city"; Finally, the Kashgar region urbanization have to focus on rural development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kashgar region, New urbanization, The integration of urban and rural areas, Marx thought city
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