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Improvement Of The Family Court Mediation System

Posted on:2016-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Because of the specificity of family relationships, both sides of the party need to resolve family disputes disputants get emotionally dredge, what is the truth is not so important by contrast. It is different with the value of traditional litigation pursued, but Mediation system is a system which combine with emotional, moral and legal, mediation system is the pursuit of multivariate value. This feature just to meet the special requirements of family disputes. There are many special requirements in family disputes to Court Mediation, but the provisions about family disputes of court mediation is few. There have been many problems in practice, this is an urgent need for the court system to build family mediation perfect. This is the focus of this writing, is also a difficulty. This paper attempts to summarize the existing research results, combined with my own point of view, try to build Family Court Mediation System perfect.Building Family Court Mediation System perfect, need for a comprehensive and detailed analysis, From the mediation mechanism, The mediation procedure, Relieve and other aspects to discuss. About mediation should take which form, scholars from different perspectives. I think the family court mediation should be Family Court Mediation Office. This form of exercise both mediation function better, but also save judicial resources. The Mediator shall specialization and multi-stakeholder involvement. Mediators who have experience in family mediation can handle complex family relationships better. Perform more efficiently. Mediation should place special arrangement to accommodate family dispute mediation atmosphere and purpose. Family mediation of court should be established investigative procedures, before the start of the dispute mediation program to classify and temporary disposal, this will improve the efficiency and success rate of mediation are of great help. In addition, for the Family Court Mediation System should also have appropriate relief program, Procuratorial supervision and monitoring by the party organization for retrial two ways to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. in order,other ways are needed.
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